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The company had its roots in March, 1981 when Mr. Ramon Garcia organized an accounting, auditing, tax, information systems and general consultancy services firm. It was in 1986, during the upsurge of information technology, when Mr. Ramon F Garcia realized the vast potentials of the new technology. Seeing this, he immediately embarked on the computerization process of the payroll system, with Colegio San Agustin (Makati) as his first client.

During the second half of 1990, he formed an Electronic Data Processing Group and strengthened it. Fulltime programmers began working towards the full computerization of Colegio San Agustin. In 1991, Mr. Ramon Garcia established RFG & Co., CPAs Information Systems & Services Division (ISSD). Thus, a promising future in the field of Information Technology opened up to the group. In April of the same year, the first computerized Registrar and Enrollment System was completed. Its implementation at the Colegio San Agustin (CSA) eased up operations, meriting commendation from the school's administration, teachers and parents of the students. CSA was considered as one of the few schools with integrated computerized enrollment system then.

Along with the growth and expansion of RFG & Co., CPAs in 1993, the move to establish the ISSD as a separate company proved to be opportune. Named Ramon F. Garcia Consultancy, Inc. (RFGCI) the company will cater to the I.T. requirements of their audit clients, and as a long-term objective, garner a clientele of its own.

In 2000, the year was marked with the change in business strategy for the group. The corporate name Ramon F. Garcia Consultancy, Inc. was changed to First Serv-it, Inc.

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