Purchase Management and Inventory System


Option to choose from (4) inventory costing methods PMI allows you to choose from four (4) inventory costing methods, namely: first-in first-out, last-in first-out, weighted average, and moving average method.


Purchased Order (PO) Generation The PO’s may be generated by choosing from the items that are below stock level or by entering the PO information manually. The system will generate the PO’s using a customized format or a pre-printed form.


Automatic Receiving Report Generation PMI picks up the PO information and transfer them to the Receiving Report (RR). The system will generate the RR’s using a customized format or a pre-printed form.


Automatic Issuance Form Generation The transaction entries in the Materials Requisition module of PMI is linked with the Issuance module. The issued quantity is deducted from the item inventory using the first-in first-out or the averaging method. The issuance form is generated using a customized format or a pre-printed form.


Multiple Transaction Entry Other transaction can be set up based on your other inventory transaction requirements. Examples of these are the following: Warehouse Stock Transfer, Warehouse Stock Receipt, and Inter Branch Transfer transactions.


Multiple Warehouse Transaction Items that are stored in multiple warehouse locations can be identified by PMI. Transfer of stocks from one warehouse to another can be done with ease.


Item Reorder Level Monitoring Each item has an assigned reorder level and order quantity. PMI can pick up all items that have reached their reorder level for purchase request.



  • Summary of Purchase Order Report
  • Summary of Receiving Reports
  • Inventory Report
  • Issuance Report
  • Stock Level Report
  • Inventory Report Per Amount
  • Stock Ledger Report

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