Accounts Payable System

Voucher System  All payables can be entered through APS upon receipt by the Accounting Department. This is established proper scheduling of all accounts payables and tracking of their aging.


Option for Automatic Tax Computations (Input and Expanded withholding). All purchases and expenses can be entered in their gross amount. APS will compute for the input tax and the corresponding expanded withholding tax (EWT) based on the individual supplier tax rate.


Automatic ForEx Gain/ Loss Computation This feature is specifically used for foreign currency transactions.


Online with the General Ledger System APS can automatically generate the entries to GLS based on the voucher payables and disbursement. The subsidiary ledgers seamlessly become update due to this online integration feature.

Data Security and Confidentiality Users can now be assigned with specific windows to access and specific functions to perform. A user who is assigned to be the System Administrator will control the access of the system users.



  • Schedule of Accounts Payable
  • Outstanding Accounts Payable
  • Aging of Accounts Payable
  • Schedule of Post Dated Checks
  • Vouchers Payable Summary
  • Cash Disbursement Summary

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